TSA Cargo Screening Requirements Feb 1, 2011



At the direction of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), 100% of all cargo, moving on passenger aircraft, is subject to full screening. This change has taken place as of February 1, 2010, and it means that freight moving on passenger aircraft is going to have to move and be tendered a bit differently than it has before.

What this means is that when you, your vendors/suppliers tender cargo, and it moves on a passenger aircraft it must be screened. The majority of the screening will be done by the carriers prior to freight movement and the carriers will be charging for this requirement in the way of a “fee or surcharge or both”. We will be passing those charges to you and will be billing for them exactly as we are being charged by the respective carrier.

This new regulation also requires that cargo must be tendered loose to the airline. Individual pieces must not be shrink-wrapped or banded to skids and/or pallets, unless the entire skid is wrapped in cardboard in such a fashion as not to have any individual pieces visible. In addition to this, all individual pieces must be marked and labeled. Cargo tendered on skids, wrapped in clear plastic and scheduled on passenger aircraft will either be broken down for tender (to enable screening by the carrier), or will be forwarded on freighter aircraft.

TSA also requires us to have a written consent to screen all shipments tendered for transportation by air, and we are prohibited from accepting , and restricted by law to tender any cargo to an air carrier where we have not been given consent to screen.

This can be in the form of an individual declaration on shipping documents, or in a blanket declaration which indicates that this consent covers all shipments tendered by said shipper until revoked. For your convenience we have posted the “Consent to Screen” form at our web site.

You are encouraged to contact us with any questions regarding this consent, or the new regulation as issued by the TSA.

With our Best Regards,

International Logistics Express, Inc.