Consulting/Compliance Advising

Our staff has extensive experience in Import / Export and US Customs compliance, which in turn, enables our customers to rest assured that their various shipping needs are placed in competent hands.


Export compliance

Export compliance is critical to the success of your business in this competitive era. International Logistics Express, Inc. export compliance experts’ team will provide you with accurate advice for export control licensing requirements and interpretation of regulations.  An export license, issued by the U.S. Government, is required for the transfer of certain technology, software, and equipment to non-U.S. persons or entities, whether this transfer takes place inside or outside the United States.  International Logistics Express, Inc’s team will assist you in all the process’ steps.


Import compliance

It is your company’s responsibility to properly classify all imported goods, declare their correct value, pay the appropriate duties, and comply with all other import requirements (Section 637 of the Mod Act amended section 484 of the Tariff Act of 1930).  Understanding those requirements is more important than ever and you could face the loss of your goods and \ or significant fines and other penalties for failure to comply (Customs Modernization Act amended section 592).  To ensure import compliance, Customs & Border Patrol (CBP) can conduct audits to validate that you've been meeting these responsibilities and that you have procedures in place to continue compliance in the future.  If your company successfully completes the CBP audit, you are likely to be exposed to minimal inspections in the future.  If you fail the audit, however, you may face financial penalties and restrictions barring you from future imports, you'll be forced to develop and implement an import compliance plan, and you’ll probably face frequent CBP audits in the future.  Inernational Logistics Express, Inc. offers a wide array of import compliance and consulting services.


Customs compliance

In order to clear air, sea and road consignment efficiently, our Customs compliance team has updated knowledge of rules and regulations, which in turn, allows us to provide our client companies invaluable look into regulatory requirements of international shipments, by international customs agencies or the various security initiatives.  C-TPAT certified and validated, International Logistics Express, Inc. maintains a higher standard of security practices, and is eligible for reduced border wait times and fasttrack processing during Customs inspections.