Work of Art & Antiques

At International Logistics Express, Inc., we know how to carefully package and ship art treasures. We are backed with years of experience working with all mediums of fine arts and antiques.  Our highly trained staff understands that every piece of artwork is unique, and has the experience to make sure your artwork receives the care and attention it deserves. Fragility requires protection from damage.  We handle Works of Art individually, in a one-of-a-kind packing and shipping process.  Our system of packaging custom fits the item, whether it is large-scale paintings, priceless antiques, heavy sculptures, or museum quality textiles.

For specialized orders, when your high valued art needs to be in a maintained environment, we can ship your artwork in temperature-controlled vehicles, using power lift gates, pads and straps to transport the works of art safely and securely.

Whatever your needs are, our logistics experts are able to provide you with a cost-effective and a second to none service.  Regardless of the shipment location, whether it is domestic or international, International Logistics Express, Inc. can arrange for your artwork to arrive there in a safe, timely manner.